Peter Benjaminson

Selected Works

The first biography of Mary Wells ever published. Click on the "Mary Wells" link below under "Quick Links" to visit for excerpts, reviews, table of contents, updates, purchase information, etc.
The biography of the founder of the Supremes, who died in poverty. Click on "The Lost Supreme" link under "Quick Links" below to visit this book's website.
The first book ever written on the decline of big-city afternoon newspapers in America.
The first how-to book ever written on investigative reporting.
The first book ever written about the Motown Record Company.
The inside story of the police who root out the criminals among NYC civil servants.

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Investigative Reporting

The first how-to book ever written on investigative reporting, in print in two editions published by two different publishers for 20 years.

"An expert manual for investigative reporters." - JOHN BARKHAM REVIEWS

"A valuable book for working journalists as well as students and teachers." -WRITERS DIGEST

"Ages ahead of the latest star stories." -THE HARTFORD ADVOCATE

"A primary source book that should also interest consumer groups, students, and such." -PUBLISHERS WEEKLY.

"One of the ten most-wanted titles from E&P's collection of books about the newspaper business, journalism, editing, writing and related subjects... among the top three books for investigative reporting." EDITOR & PUBLISHER

"The first full-scale serious primer on investigative journalism post-Watergate... A thorough, thoughtful investigative primer." INVESTIGATIVE REPORTERS AND EDITORS JOURNAL