Peter Benjaminson

Selected Works

The first biography of Mary Wells ever published. Click on the "Mary Wells" link below under "Quick Links" to visit for excerpts, reviews, table of contents, updates, purchase information, etc.
The biography of the founder of the Supremes, who died in poverty. Click on "The Lost Supreme" link under "Quick Links" below to visit this book's website.
The first book ever written on the decline of big-city afternoon newspapers in America.
The first how-to book ever written on investigative reporting.
The first book ever written about the Motown Record Company.
The inside story of the police who root out the criminals among NYC civil servants.

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Secret Police: Inside the New York City Department of Investigation

Peter Benjaminson's astonishing book is a publishing coup. Here is the first full-length account of the most amazing, yet until now the least known law enforcement agency of New York City - the Department of Investigation, a bland-as-beans name for an office of high-wire intrigue. Benjaminson writes with an insider's authority, a journalist's clarity and wondrously sardonic wit. He has assembled a sort of family photo album of Gotham's famously crooked pols, scamming city contracters and true-life Runyonesque characters. (Jimmy Breslin should be so jealous of Secret Police he may well announce that he is no longer on speaking terms with its author.) Benjaminson the journalist proves once and for all the old pulp fiction saw: it's ridiculous to set a detective story in New York City --- New York City is itself a detective story.
--Thomas Adcock, author, Precinct 19