Peter Benjaminson

Selected Works

The first biography of Mary Wells ever published. Click on the "Mary Wells" link below under "Quick Links" to visit for excerpts, reviews, table of contents, updates, purchase information, etc.
The biography of the founder of the Supremes, who died in poverty. Click on "The Lost Supreme" link under "Quick Links" below to visit this book's website.
The first book ever written on the decline of big-city afternoon newspapers in America.
The first how-to book ever written on investigative reporting.
The first book ever written about the Motown Record Company.
The inside story of the police who root out the criminals among NYC civil servants.

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The Lost Supreme: The Life of Dreamgirl Florence Ballard

NOTE RE MOVIE TO BE BASED ON THE BOOK: Although it was originally and truthfully announced on this website that Faith Evans (pictured below with a copy of "The Lost Supreme") was slated to play Florence Ballard in the movie version of the book and Martha Coolidge, who directed "Introducing Dorothy Dandridge," with Halle Berry, was signed as Director, the movie's Executive Producer, Karen Spencer, was actually Jami McCoy, a federal fugitive from a 2009 conviction in federal court for bank fraud and identify theft. Ms. Spencer/​McCoy has since been recaptured and is serving a four year, three month prison term in Texas.


"Amazing and riveting" - Village Voice

"Valiant and engaging" - Publishers Weekly

"Unmatchable" - Kirkus Reviews

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Faith Evans holds a copy of "The Lost Supreme"