Peter Benjaminson

Selected Works

The first biography of Mary Wells ever published. Click on the "Mary Wells" link below under "Quick Links" to visit for excerpts, reviews, table of contents, updates, purchase information, etc.
The biography of the founder of the Supremes, who died in poverty. Click on "The Lost Supreme" link under "Quick Links" below to visit this book's website.
The first book ever written on the decline of big-city afternoon newspapers in America.
The first how-to book ever written on investigative reporting.
The first book ever written about the Motown Record Company.
The inside story of the police who root out the criminals among NYC civil servants.

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The Story of Motown

"Benjaminson holds back nothing, sharing with the reader the thoughts and moods of the various figures who came and went during the early years. He reflects both their enthusasim and their disillusionment, their talents and their failings, their beginnings and their fates fulfilled."
--Soul Magazine

"Right from the prologue, it's evident this isn't going to be a puff piece commissioned by Motown founder and president Berry Gordy, Jr. Benjaminson, formerly a Detroit newspaper reporter, gives a frank appraisal of Gordy's life and his company... [The book] goes a long way toward documenting and explaining the inherent racism in the music business, even showing how Gordy used it to his advantage in forging the immortal Motown Sound, the "sound of young America."
--The Syracuse Times