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Death in the Afternoon


"As a press critic-historian, Benjaminson follows in the tradition of A.J. Liebling of The New Yorker magazine. Such a critic has been needed --- a critic who shuns pat answers and sets out to explain the complexity of media in modern terms. It helps that Benjaminson is a reporter. He doesn't just speculate, he finds out what's been going on. And he writes well." - DALLAS TIMES HERALD

"Benjaminson writes with passion and in a breezy pace about the dying dailies and the heroic measures that publishers and editors have taken to save them." - SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS.

"This is a tale of unions on the ropes, unscrupulous publishers taking huge profits and kicking the corpses of once-proud newspapers into the grave, advertiser apathy, and loss of something that once abounded in this nation - two-newspaper towns. Benjaminson's style is simple and clear, precise and crisp. He gives you the facts and it makes for good reading. And for those in the newspaper business, it might just make their blood pressure rise a few spurts." - CHARLOTTESVILLE (VA) PROGRESS.